The site and blog are new. The design and content is still being developed but we have a good start. The Featured content area above will show images from projects that are posted on the blog.   Interested in one, simply click on the image, it will take you to the post.

Our Latest Show

The top right slideshow is for the last show we attended.   I’ll try and keep that updated with new photos for each show.   Eventually there will be a gallery page of images from the various shows we attend during the year.

Featured Project

Featured project will contain images and a short description of the current project we are working on.   Sometimes that will be a wall extension or custom decorative metal art for an interior wall.   It could be a new set of decorative gates or a set of custom trellis for the patio.   A custom design trellis can really set off backyard landscaping.   There is no end to what can be made out of metal.   Whatever the current project we will share it with you here.

Up Coming Events

I’m thinking about eventually adding a calendar page that will show where we are going to be throughout the year.   In addition to that page we will have the next upcoming event right here on the front page so those that want to drop by and say howdy can do so.

New Sections Yet To Be Added

One of the things I really want as a part of this site is a place for you to participate.   I plan on having a page where you can submit a project idea you would like to have done.   You will be able to describe the project, submit photos and dimensions for the project.   Describe it in as much detail as you want and upload those photos right here at the site.

From there we can make design and project suggestions and get those back to you by email.   Often the first step in any outdoor project is the taking of photos and the sketching of project designs right over those images.   This allows anyone to visually get an idea of what a finished project will look like once installed.

Spot something made out of metal you would like for your place.   Take a photo and submit it.   Outline your idea and provide some dimensions and we can get back to you with a bid on the project or artwork. I’m excited about getting this section added to the site.

The Blog

Be sure to check out the Blog as well.   It will have lots of photos of things made out of metal.   Gates, signs, lawn decorations, benches, etc.   If it can be made out of metal there’s a good chance you will see it here.