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Metal Line Art For on Your Wall

Roy doesn’t live here anymore

Theater in Kanab Utah

Roy's New Home

Roy has been around for a couple of years.   He lives on the wall in the shop, or at least he did till this weekend.   He went along on a trip to Kanab, Utah on Sunday.   While there he found a new home.

Roy is made out of re-bar and has a striking pose as a cowboy.   The theater with a very blank Stucco wall appealed to Roy.   Wide open space.   Much better than in the garage.

And Kanab, Utah, is “Little Hollywood” where many westerns were made in the past.   Another reason it appealed to the cowboy in him.

The only photo we got of Roy after move in was a close-up.

He’s content, and when we get back to Kanab we’ll drop in for a visit.

Metal Line Art Cowboy

Roy at Home in Kanab, Utah

If you have a blank canvas (an empty wall) on which you would like to see custom metal line art. Let me know. I can make about anything you want.

Agave Gate entry to courtyard

These are the basic steps in bringing a custom gate from concept to reality.

Onion Skin of Proposed Gate

Drawing the Full Size Pattern

Laying out the metal on the pattern

Welding the pattern into a Gate

Range Hood for Custom Kitchen

     Powder coated steel

Decorative Wall Extensions

Do you have a wall that is low enough passersby or onlooker can still see over?   You don’t have to go to the expense of having the wall raised.   There is a lot involved in adding a couple more rows of block and then matching the stucco and paint.

Instead why not consider a custom, one of a kind wall extension.   Designed to fit your location and style of your home.   Mountain views, then extend your wall with a mountain range of your own.

Mountain Sculpture on a wall

Extend the height of your wall with Metal Art

Custom Metal Art

This added over 2 feet of privacy to the patio

Wall Before

Before Extension

Coyote Entry Gate

A custom entry gate can do a lot for first impressions for anyone entering your home. They make a statement and most of all they add a lot to your home’s exterior decor. Below are the before and after. Scroll down a little further to see the gate up close. Click on any of the images to see them enlarged.

Home entry without gate

Before Gate

Coyote Gate

Coyote Gate Installed

Coyote Entry Gate

A Closer Look

Fireplace Screen Art

Fire Place Screen

Add an Artful Screen to the front of the fireplace

The owner had a piece of stained glass art a family member had made.   What to do with it.   They decided it would make a great screen for the fireplace.   I built the frame and stand and the stained glass slipped right in.

It is also very easy to take any design pattern or scene and turn it into a screen.   No need to look at the inside of your fireplace when it isn’t lite.   A decorative screen really adds to the room and hides the ashes you didn’t clean up yet.



Metal Last a lot longer than Wood

Taking a picture of a new Trellis is easy, but when they look their best you can’t see them at all.   But when the winter comes and the Trellis is exposed it is nice to have one that complements the home.

The Butterfly Bench

Butterfly Bench

Flowers Around the Corner

Butterfly Bench

Do You See Butterflies ?

This project was inspired by a photo my mom sent of a bench she saw near her home.   She thought it would be a fun project and I had to agree.   It is different and quite a conversation piece for any patio or yard.

Hummingbird Gate

Metal Gate-Hummingbird

Side Yard Gate

This is the hummingbird gate. This gate did not need much background scene to it.   The humming bird by itself simply steals the show. This is  the   side yard   (walk-up) version. A full size version for drive or side-yards (with vehicle access) is available.

The Humming bird steals the show

Lizard Gate

Here the metal is cut and bent to fit the full size pattern

Beginning of lizard gate drawn out on paper

First the design is created on paper

The Making of a Lizard Gate

First it is drawn out on paper. Once the design is complete a full size pattern of the actual gate is created. The metal for the Lizard is fashioned over the design pattern.When it is all finished the lizard background will be welded inside of the arch of the gate.