Roy doesn’t live here anymore

Theater in Kanab Utah

Roy's New Home

Roy has been around for a couple of years.   He lives on the wall in the shop, or at least he did till this weekend.   He went along on a trip to Kanab, Utah on Sunday.   While there he found a new home.

Roy is made out of re-bar and has a striking pose as a cowboy.   The theater with a very blank Stucco wall appealed to Roy.   Wide open space.   Much better than in the garage.

And Kanab, Utah, is “Little Hollywood” where many westerns were made in the past.   Another reason it appealed to the cowboy in him.

The only photo we got of Roy after move in was a close-up.

He’s content, and when we get back to Kanab we’ll drop in for a visit.

Metal Line Art Cowboy

Roy at Home in Kanab, Utah

If you have a blank canvas (an empty wall) on which you would like to see custom metal line art. Let me know. I can make about anything you want.